Happy bikes mean happier riders

A well maintained bike is much more enjoyable to ride than a clunker, so bring yours in for a complete tune-up. Depending on what it needs, we can give it a proper servicing that’ll bring it back to the way it felt when it was new!

Body Geometry Fit

  • improve pedalling efficiency, comfort, and speed with a proper Body Geometry (BG) Fit.
  • covers proper weight distribution, fore/aft saddle positioning, leg extension, shoulder/elbow/hand alignment and cleat positioning.
  • Basic fit assessment: 30-60mins $30-$60.
  • BG Fit: $120/hour.

Basic Tune/Inspection: $34.99

  • This involves going over the bike making sure it is safe to ride.
  • Inspecting and identifying both necessary and future repairs needed.
  • Small adjustments.
  • For assessing an old bike, or a recently purchased used bike.

Regular Tune-Up: $64.99

  • We inspect and inflate the tires to the proper pressure and lube your chain
  • Do a complete safety inspection
  • Make sure the brakes are in good working order; the wheels aren’t loose; the handlebars are straight; the gears are working; the handlebars and stem are tight; and that nothing is broken!
  • Check and adjust the headset
  • Check and adjust all bearings
  • Inspect all cables and housings
  • Inspect and adjust gears
  • Inspect and adjust brakes
  • Inspect rims and spokes and true wheels on the bike
  • Inspect and tighten all fasteners
  • Clean and lube chain

Deluxe Tune-Up: $104.99

Everything in the Regular Tune-Up plus:

  • Inspect and adjust bottom bracket
  • Inspect and adjust front and rear hubs
  • Wipe your entire bike clean
  • True wheels on the truing stand