People who care about your ride!

Dizzy Cycles prides itself on not only having great products, but equally great people to serve and service you and your bike.

  • Mike Nyby

    Opera singer extraordinaire!

  • Robert Delahanty

    He REALLY does want to help you!

  • Andreas Carmona

    Expertise: Team Director, simple man from the mountains...

    Favourite bike: Specialized Tarmac SL2 Dura Ace

    Favourite local ride: Zigzag from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay (Praszki’s Symphony Ride)

    Best cycling memory: Ride to Whistler and back with the TT and RR champions of my homeland.

    Worst cycling memory: 50% out of shape doing hill repeats on the steepest road north of Whistler during the filming of a TV commercial. It was brutal pain... it had to be that way you know...


  • Kevin Rutherford

    Expertise: Greg Lemond Stats, and Heavy Metal.

    Favorite bike: Specialized Tarmac Pro SL.

    Favorite local ride: Killin-it up any hills over on the North Shore.

    Best cycling memory: Winning the first Cat 3 race he competed in!

    Worst cycling memory: Separating his shoulder after hitting the pavement (because of some fool) during a road race.

  • Gary Reaney

    Expertise: Price fixing (shipping and receiving) Label production (shipping and receiving) Code creations! (shipping and receiving)

    Favorite bike: Sweet Kona Sutra touring machine!

    Favorite local ride: Up the back alley behind 4th Ave!

    Best cycling memory: Texel Island in The Netherlands.

    Worst cycling memory: Texel Island in The Netherlands!

  • Gord Moreside

    Expertise: Chief bottle washer and road bike fitting

    Favourite bike: Specialized Tarmac Pro followed by a '74 Raleigh 5-speed Chopper with a banana seat

    Favourite local ride: 7th Secret on Fromme, riding my Specialized Enduro Pro

    Best cycling memory: Beating John Tomac to the top of Mount Washington during the 1989 Washington Trust Cycling Classic

    Worst: Scuffing my knees after skidding out on my '74 Raleigh...

  • Carla Cupido

    Dizzy’s own team soigneur and chiropractor!

    Expertise: Making sure your body runs the way you want it to.

    Favourite bike: Amsterdamers... so classic!

    Favourite local ride: Marine Dr. to Whytecliff Park.

    Best cycling memory: Riding the coast of Prince Edward Island with my hardcore Mom.

    Worst cycling memory: Any ride that involves me suffering off the back of a group of guys who are just out to spin their legs.